Cocktail competition celebrates Calvados

A new competiton launched by Calvados Christian Drouin encourages mixologists to use Calvados in their cocktails.

Though popular in the restaurant world, Calvados is not as common an ingredient in cocktails. Calvados Christian Drouin and Cerbaco Distribution have launched a competition to change this. They are encouraging everyone from established bartenders to aspiring mixologists to incorporate the iconic French spirit into their cocktails. This is the first Calvados cocktail competition in Australia.

“For the first time in its history, Calvados Christian Drouin has organised a Cocktail Competition in Australia: Calvados Drouin Highball Contest in partnership with Cerbaco Distribution,” said Carl Jenny, Brand Ambassador at Cerbaco Distribution, “This project aims to promote the Australian bar scene’s creativity and further anchor one of France’s most iconic and greenest spirits on earth, Calvados, in the bar culture.”

To enter the competition, participants are asked to:

1: Make a Highball Cocktail

Using either Calvados Christian Drouin La Blanche, Sélection or Reserve, entrants are asked to make a cocktail in a highball glass. The cocktail must contain at least 30mL of the chosen Calvados, and have no more than three ingredients. Recipes should be easy to replicate, avoiding any homemade ingredients.

2: Post it on Instagram

Next, entrants are asked to make an Instagram post. One photo will be of the cocktail with the name and ingredients, and the other will be the entrant posing with apples. The posts must tag @calvadoschristiandrouin and @cerbaco, and use the hashtags #drouinhighballcontest #appleaddict #incalvadoswetrust #calvadosaustralia

Then, submit the entry at this link.

3: Recreate your cocktail for the judges

Finally, eight finalists will recreate their cocktails for judges at the Baxter Inn on Sunday April 16. The judging panel will include Valerie Blayac, the owner of Cerbaco Distribution, Tom Loosli, the general manager at Melbourne’s Cookie, and Michael Nicolian of Sydney’s Continental Deli. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be awarded.

Entries close on the 31 March.

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