42BELOW announces sustainable cocktail competition

42BELOW is calling on Australian and Kiwi bartenders to create beautiful, sustainable cocktails as part of its Sustainable Cocktail Showcase.

Entries are now open for the new cocktail competition, with the top prize an “amazing – and most importantly, sustainable – life-changing experience.”

In the words of 42BELOW: “This is not a normal competition, this is not a normal prize, and the winners won’t come back as normal people”.

42BELOW has drawn inspiration (or disgust) from the giant mess of plastic and trash floating in the Pacific Ocean – now five times the size of New Zealand – to create this competition. It aims to promote and celebrate the great work bartenders are doing to create cocktails which are sustainable and delectable.

“We like to do the right thing by planet Earth, but it seems not all humans are on board with this idea,” said 42BELOW Vodka Professor Jacob Briars. “The 42BELOW Sustainable Cocktail Showcase aims to change some minds by demonstrating how being sustainable can be both easy and tasty, and we hope to see some amazing new drinks created for this cause.”

Entries can be submitted via the 42BELOW Facebook page until 5pm, Monday 22 October – and will be judged for their creativity, sustainability and popularity. Entries must also be shared via entrants’ Instagram pages with the hashtag #42BELOW to be complete.

The Top Competitors will be announced on 1 November, while the voting period will run until January 2019. Two Australian and two Kiwi winners will be announced on 8 February 2019.

More details – as well as a video promoting the competition featuring 42BELOW’s Jacob Briars – can be found here.

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