Gorge Camorra launches new Geelong cocktail bar

Non Disclosure Bar

The Victorian city of Geelong has welcomed a new addition to its nightlife with the opening of Non Disclosure Bar, a modern contemporary cocktail bar at the helm of hospitality veteran Gorge Camorra.

Located moments from its sister venue 18th Amendment Bar on Little Malop Street, Non Disclosure Bar promises continuation of the intimate atmosphere and art deco style that the Camorra Bar Group has become known for.

Damien Kos-Beckwith, Operations Manager at Camorra Bar Group, spoke to Bars and Clubs about the concept behind the venue, and the group’s commitment to indulgence.

“With our sister bar being the 18th Amendment Bar, we had to tie this offering in in some way. Our connection was to set the bar in the same time period, but being the higher end of society, these bars were designed for the lavish lifestyle with oysters, caviar, and top-end cognacs and whiskies.”

But beyond the art deco chandelier and geometric wallpaper, Damien reflects on the attitude that drives the hospitality group.

“When The 18th Amendment Bar opened almost seven years ago, it set the standard for Geelong bars and the service standard that comes with it. The goal was to inspire the region to join us as we create the dream holiday area with everything the region has to offer.

“In the past years we have seen many venues match 18th’s quality of drinks and we knew it was time to amp it up once again. 18th is a high-volume cocktail bar, which allows us only a certain level of bespoke-ness while serving hundreds of Bonnie and Clyde’s and Bootleggers Bliss’ in a week. Non Disclosure is half the size, allowing every drink to have a bespoke element, which we can keep up with on a daily basis.

“Our offerings now cover three different markets in Geelong. Manhattan Bar is for the bratty little siblings, a dive bar theme offering beers, whisky, and fun cocktails to the masses. 18th Amendment being the older sibling, a high-volume cocktail bar covering the Instagrammable and the theatrical.

“Finally, Non Disclosure, poised and elegant, the dignified aunt. No steps are left untouched to ensure quality at every turn, caviar, oysters, venison tartare, navy strength ice adorned cocktails, true luxury.”

Elaborating on the food and beverage offering at Non Disclosure, Damien says the offering departs from the art deco theme.

“We wanted to be flexible with what we serve. Using a heap of scientific knowhow and gadgets we offer up the best tasting drinks that also look the part. Think acid-adjusted granny smith apple juice, clarified orange juice, miso and honey syrup, fat-washing and more.”

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