Are you ready to drink FAIR?

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Noble Spirits is an Australian company that imports and distributes fine authentic wine and spirits. Our mission is to enrich alcohol brand choices for consumers and bring greater value to customers.

We have an innovative vision of what spirits should be. We are the proud partner of FAIR Spirits, who developed the world’s first line of spirits produced with Fairtrade Certified ingredients.

This means they use sustainable and ethical ingredients coming from third world co-ops to create quality spirits. Furthermore Fairtrade is also a human concept: we guarantee a higher margin to farmers and reinvest a part of our benefits into local development programs that improve working conditions.

We deeply believe that every person in the world should be treated equally and receive fair wages for their work.


Are you ready to drink FAIR?

Come and see us at Top Shelf this year to find out!


Watch the FAIR journey video for more information:

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