Introducing Barkeep’s Whimsy

Campo de Encanto introduces to the Australian market their newest Pisco expression: the Barkeep’s Whimsy (ABV 40.5%, 750ml), an entirely original Pisco blend crafted by some of the world’s top bartenders.

Barkeeps WhimsySince 2011, Encanto has executed its successful Distiller’s Apprentice competition, hand selecting small groups of bartenders from around the world – including Australia – to travel with the Encanto team to Ica, Peru to experience firsthand the art of handcrafting Pisco – from grape harvest to blending. During the program, participants were challenged to create their own signature Pisco blend.  The Barkeep’s Whimsy is the final whimsical fruit of the labors of these groups of acclaimed bartenders – a blend inspired by bartender palates and produced using Encanto’s signature solera blending style.

Crafted with the same five grapes used in the brand’s award-winning Grand & Noble (Torontel, Quebranta, Moscatel, Mollar and Italia), Barkeep’s Whimsy turns that original recipe on its head by leading with the Torontel grape – a very aromatic varietal also known as Torontés in Argentina.  The Barkeep’s Whimsy is light, bright and very aromatic, reminding one of a London Dry Gin without the need for added botanicals. The natural notes of citrus and spice are all there, with the long viscous finish, which Encanto always delivers.

“Time and time again throughout the years of our Distiller’s Apprentice program, we saw our bartenders gravitating toward the bold aromatics of the Torontel grape – something we started referring to as the “gin palate”,” stated Duggan McDonnell, Campo de Encanto Co-Founder and Master Blender. “Through tastings and their own custom blends, they wanted Torontel – which makes a beautiful, complex base for cocktails. With our next Pisco expression, we wanted to create something for our bartenders – a cocktail-driven, aromatic, Torontel-dominant style very different from anything we were currently doing. A “bartender’s choice”, if you will. “

Campo de Encanto Barkeep’s Whimsy is available in very limited quantities.

The Full Portfolio

Barkeep’s Whimsy is the latest addition to Campo de Encanto’s portfolio of imminently mixable Pisco expressions, including its first blend, the acclaimed Acholado style Grand & Noble and two “Pisco Puros” in its “Distiller’s Reserve” series: a Quebranta and a Moscatel.

Campo de Encanto Pisco is represented in Australia by Vanguard Luxury Brands Pty Ltd.  For business inquiries, please contact James France at or 1300 DRINKS (within Australia) or + 61 408 411 859 (from overseas). For media inquiries, please contact Erin Hunt Moore, Verdant PR & Marketing, at General information on Campo de Encanto and its Pisco expressions and story can be found on the company website.

About Campo de Encanto

Campo de Encanto Pisco is a handcrafted, artisanal Peruvian Pisco created by a bartender, a sommelier and a distiller who, together, have over 60 years of experience working with wine and spirits. Launched in July 2010 by Duggan McDonnell, Walter Moore and Carlos Romero, Encanto is sustainably-harvested, vinted, and distilled according to the strictest standards set by the Comisión Nacional del Pisco of Perú: distilled only once, nothing added, no preservatives, no sugar, no water. It is an honest, blended-by-hand, bottled-at-proof, artisan product.


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