Nusa Caña Rum

The teams at Nusa Caña Rum and Artisan Handcrafted are excited to announce their partnership – bringing back the forgotten story of Indonesian Rum to Australians across the country.

For centuries, travelers, traders and explorers have been drawn to the Indonesian islands.   But, not many people know the lost spirit of these islands.  History has forgotten that sugar cane originates from the South East Asia region, and that Indonesian rum is a godfather to the rum world.  Nusa Caña is a new tropical Island rum, founded by a group of drinks industry veterans with a shared passion for good booze, bars, surfing and Indo island life, that’s bringing back the forgotten spirit of those very first adventurers and the rum they discovered.

Having launched in Bali in late 2016, Nusa Caña Rum is found across the island’s most well known beach clubs and cocktail bars. Bars across Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand are already bringing back rum’s forgotten story, while Nusa Caña’s first steps into Australia coincided with the opening of legendary Bali beach club, Ku De Ta in Perth, where Nusa Caña is the preferred house rum.  Nusa Caña was also the rum sponsor of the recent Burleigh Pro Surf Festival in QLD

Co-founder Marc Rodrigues says “The team at Nusa Cana are excited to work with Artisan.  We are driven by a passion to let people discover an important and forgotten part of rum’s history, while celebrating  Indonesia’s craft and quality, as well as our love for Bali and all it offers.  The team at Artisan share this passion, and working together we will be able to bring the Nusa Cana spirit to life in bars across Australia.  Initial roll out of Nusa Cana will focus on the surf side suburbs of Perth, Margaret River, Manly, Bondi and Byron, but the national reach of Artisan will mean that  we are excited to work with bars and liquor stores across the whole country”.

Artisan Managing Director Georgina Wright is excited to have the brand come aboard, “It was one of the easiest decisions I have ever had to make when it comes to additions to our portfolio. The branding, the flavour profile and the unique history of Indonesian rum made it an easy choice. We are so delighted to represent Nusa Caña.”

A smooth, aroma-filled tropical island rum packed with fresh sugar cane and toasted fruit flavours, Nusa Caña is as mellow, approachable and yet adventurous as the Indonesian islands themselves. Nusa Caña is best served often, and best enjoyed with friends. Sip on the rocks with star anise and a lemon twist, or mix up a Fair Head, with lime and ginger beer. Home bartender? Shake up a sparkling, tropical Funny Break Fizz or the rich and complex Rum Ñ Roots, with beetroot and so much more.

Signature Serves

Like a true local, Nusa Caña blends in effortlessly without ever hiding its true character.

Rocks: Nusa Caña • hint of spice • lemon
Funny Break Fizz: Nusa Caña • passionfruit • mango • pineapple • lime • fizzy wine
Fair Head: Nusa Caña • ginger beer • lime
Indo Espresso: Nusa Caña • cold drip coffee • coffee liqueur • rice milk • cinnamon syrup Instagram  Facebook

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Georgina Wright, Sales Director   Facebook   Instagram

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