Fever-Tree, Making Cocktails Simple 

Fever-Tree Introduces New Cocktail Mixer Range for Easy At-Home Mixology

Fever-Tree has expanded its renowned lineup of premium mixers with a new range of cocktail mixers, designed to simplify at-home cocktail preparation. The initial offerings, the Classic Margarita Mixer and Sparkling Mojito Mixer, feature natural ingredients for high-quality cocktails requiring only the addition of a spirit.

Building on the success of these initial releases, Fever-Tree has introduced two new additions: the Mango Passionfruit Martini and Espresso Martini. Crafted with the same dedication as their award-winning mixers, these new cocktails are made from some of the finest globally sourced ingredients, including Balinese coffee beans, and contain no artificial sweeteners.

Fever-Tree’s new cocktail mixers, available through ALM and Paramount distributors, cater to both cocktail enthusiasts and casual consumers seeking to recreate authentic bar experiences at home. This strategic expansion reflects Fever-Tree’s confidence in satisfying evolving consumer preferences while maintaining their hallmark of using natural ingredients for superior taste. For more information, contact Fever-Tree’s local sales representatives or Steve Carr for marketing enquiries at Aussales@fever-tree.com or Steve.carr@fever-tree.com.

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