Benriach Turns Up The Heat In Speyside

Creative Speyside distillery, Benriach, has released a brand new expression, Smoke Season, to add to its recently revamped portfolio. Celebrating the time of year where peated spirit runs through its stills, a tradition revived by the distillery over 50 years ago, Smoke Season is a small batch release that captures one of Benriach’s time-honoured seasonal production techniques.

Both intensely smoked and exquisitely sweet, the special edition has been two-cask matured in both American virgin oak and bourbon barrels – wood types intentionally selected to amplify the toasted sweet notes in Benriach’s smoky spirit. With a new recipe finely tuned by Master Blender Dr. Rachel Barrie, this expression is the most intensely smoked whisky to be released by the distillery.

Crafted exclusively from intensely peated malt distilled in Smoke Season, the spirit is reminiscent of barbecue smoked fruit in a pine forest. American virgin oak and bourbon barrel maturation develop sweet caramel smoke and cinnamon spiced roasted apple, with hints of charred orange peel and hickory, concentrated at the bottling strength of 52.8% ABV.

The release follows the distillery’s recent launch of a new portfolio. Smoke Season has an RRP of $115.

Please contact your Brown-Forman representative for more information.

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