Pooles Temple opens in Perth

The Australian bar industry is certainly going through the strangest of times in this pandemic. 

The different rate of COVID-19 cases across different areas have caused the states and territories to reopen at different speeds – the end result being that some cities’ bars are completely shut down, while others are breathing new life. 

Although this isn’t easy to go through, seeing the progress in some states and how they have been able to successfully and safely reopen can offer a sense of hope. We can and will get through this. 

One positive example that proves this is true, is that we’ve now been able to see new bars opening their doors for the first time, including Pooles Temple, in Perth’s State Buildings. 

The new bar is located in the basement of the former Titles Office Building, and with gold accents, velvet seating and mirror clad walls, it’s reminiscent of classic elegant hotel bars. History is important for the bar, with the name playing from architect George Temple-Poole, whose work from 1885 and beyond is well known across Western Australia and includes a redesign of the Titles Office Building at the turn of the 20th century.

The menu too is sophisticated, full of classic cocktails, champagne, and French inspired nibbles.

All these elements combined create an atmosphere where Pooles Temple finds its point of difference to the other venues of the complex, according to State Buildings Culture and Arts Manager, Ali Bodycoat.

“Pooles Temple is located under the far Eastern corner of a thoroughly, and proudly we might add, Western Australian architectural icon, Point Zero. With the temptation of being transported underground, a classic martini, delectable oysters and live, late jazz sets – this is the point of difference that delivers the finishing notes to a perfect evening,” Bodycoat told Bars and Clubs

Bodycoat said the recent opening went well for the bar, already being heralded as an inclusive night time destination. 

“Pooles Temple opened to a wonderfully warm response from our city guests. To deliver a late night jazz bar that is available to all… is terribly exciting. Being such an intimate and secluded space bodes well for delving into superb jazz and cherished conversation until the early hours,” Bodycoat said.

And certainly, hearing about what it’s been like so far for a new bar in Perth’s nightlife, it’s impossible not to feel optimistic about the future of Australia’s bar industry as a whole. 

As Bodycoat said: “We are in unusual times and unlike anywhere in the world – literally, we feel quietly privileged to have an incredible opportunity to host a small population of guests, who are utterly invested in being amongst the social throes again. It is wonderfully alive and energised throughout the State Buildings on a daily basis and understandably, the community seems more invested in interacting with people, re-discovering conversation and communication, now more so than ever. 

“Our drive towards delivering the absolute best in all of the State Buildings experiences, has therefore, only been enhanced. There has been an exceptional response to all of our new and reimagined openings, so to provide enlivened and unseen experiences within this – for our very worldly Perth population, is a further fortuity that we do not take for granted.”

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