Drambuie to launch ‘A night with the Nail’ in Brisbane

Scotch whisky liqueur Drambuie is celebrating the revival of its most renowned cocktail serve The Rusty Nail, launching a five-week bar experience at Brisbane’s The Walrus Club.

‘A Night with the Nail’ will launch on June 2, with jazz legend Herb Armstrong helping to set the scene at the Prohibition-inspired speakeasy bar, which is located downstairs at the Regatta Hotel in Toowong.

The Rusty Nail is a whisky cocktail that was born in the infamous New York nightclubs of the early 1960s, and was served at the ’21 Club’ frequented by Hemingway, Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra, establishing its place in pop culture history.

More recently, the cocktail was the drink of choice of fictional criminal lawyer Saul Goodman in the first episode of Better Call Saul, a spin-off from iconic HBO series Breaking Bad.

The Rusty Nail is made with one part Drambuie and two parts Scotch built over ice in a rocks glass, stirred, and is garnished with a lemon twist – making it a simple yet rewarding cocktail, in the classic style of the Martini, Negroni and the Old Fashioned.

Drambuie itself is a blend of aged Scotch whisky, heather honey, and spices and herbs. The exact recipe for the liqueur, however, remains top secret and has remained largely unchanged since being brought to Scotland in 1745, known only to two people in the company to this day.

‘A Night with the Nail’ launches on June 2 and will run each Friday night until June 30.

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