Bongo’s Bingo bringing bingo to the club

Bongo’s Bingo, a unique and original bingo/rave combination that has taken the UK by storm in recent months, will make its debut in Australia in June.

Prospective ‘bingoees’ have been told to “leave your grannies at home for this one”, as the bingo game is regularly interrupted by rave intervals, dancing on tables and general revelry.

“Is it a show? Is it a rave? Is it a club? Is it actually even Bingo? It is a bit of them all really, and much more,” reads a press release from the organisers.

Co-founder Jonny Bongo – who also holds the world record for the biggest ever pub quiz – will preside over the madness in Sydney, making a one-off appearance to get the Bongo’s Bingo party started here Down Under.

The first ever Aussie edition will be held in Sydney at Paddington Town Hall on 23 June, shortly followed by Melbourne at Collingwood Town Hall on 29 June.

Bongo’s Bingo Down Under will be releasing tickets for both Australian shows today, Wednesday 17 May, at 6pm – with only 600 tickets available in each state.

It remains to be seen whether the Australian audience will respond as positively as their UK counterparts, who have turned out in droves for a series of sold out shows in many major cities.

Bongo’s Bingo Down Under is not, however, the first international edition of the unique event, with Dubai getting in ahead of Australia holding their own local edition in late April.

The Aussie installment of Bongo’s Bingo is a collaboration between international founders and leading Australian festival and bar management team Wats On Events, run by Michael Watson and Luke Jones.

For a glimpse of the action, check out the clip below. Tickets are $40 and are available for purchase from the Bongo’s Bingo Down Under website.

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