Husk releases rare Stout Cask ACR

Husk Rum has announced the release of a very limited-edition rum, the Husk Stout Cask ACR, a local collaboration between two innovative producers from the Tweed Valley, with just 931 bottles available.

When making this whisky, the distillery has used its unique ‘individual malt stream’ process, which sees each malt milled, mashed, fermented, distilled, and aged entirely separately. This system allows the production team to tailor every step of the process to the specific malt – including selection of yeast, cask type and location in the warehouse.

Husk Stout Cask ACR is crafted from 100 per cent single estate cane juice, which has been sub-tropically aged in Australian wine barrels and then finished in stout beer casks from Earth Beer Company.

The journey of Husk Stout Cask ACR began over a year ago when Quentin Brival, Husk’s Head Distiller, reached out to Zeke from Earth Beer Company, nestled just 10min up the hill in Cudgen on an old avocado farm. Together, they embarked on an innovative experiment: barrel-aging Husk Rum in ex-stout beer barrels.

Quentin said: “The collaboration with Earth Beer Company has been an exciting experiment. We weren’t sure what flavours the beer barrels would impart. The stout barrels give incredible notes of mocha and milk chocolate, adding a rich complexity to our premium sipping rum.”

Zeke from Earth Beer Company added: “Working with Husk was a natural fit. Our stout added a robust, flavourful dimension to their already exceptional rum. The result is a perfectly balanced spirit perfect for sipping on a cold winter night.”

Tasting notes describe flavours of dried fruits, melting into warm cookie dough, toffee, vanilla, mocha, and milk chocolate. This non-chill filtered rum, made from the 2020 harvest and cane variety Q240, represents the new taste of Australian rum.

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