Ciara Doran takes ownership of The Doss House and Frank Mac’s

Ciara Doran

Ciara Doran has taken ownership of iconic bars in The Rocks, The Doss House and Frank Mac’s through the newly launched hospitality group, Heritage House Co.

Both venues have been under the leadership of Ciara since they launched but were owned by a handful of partners, including Ciara. With the original partnership structure now dissolved, Ciara takes the reins on one of Australia’s few female-led hospitality groups.  

Ciara opened The Doss House five years ago and Frank Mac’s followed in October 2021 and with other hospitality groups also opening in the area, The Rocks has fast become a night-time destination for Sydneysiders, as well as the visitors that always flocked to the area.

At the time Frank Mac’s opened, Ciara told Bars and Clubs: “I always said that if you could get a few more bars to come to the area then this would become the exclusive version of what King’s Cross used to be, if we can get that right. There are some absolute treasures and empty spaces around here that are just beautiful – if you can find them.”

The name for the new group, Heritage House Co., stems from Ciara’s passion for restoring and reviving heritage Sydney buildings, which she has done with the two existing bars, and which she is keen to continue with other venues.

“I have poured my heart and soul into The Doss House and Frank Mac’s so it’s very rewarding to be able to call these two my own. Both venues occupy spaces built in the 1840s so it’s been a real honour to repurpose these character-driven venues steeped in history into bars that can continue to be enjoyed,” said Ciara.

She added: “I’m really proud of the success of both venues as they have established a considerable community culture in these unique heritage spaces. The Doss House has been open for five years now and we had our best year yet in 2022.

“Frank Mac’s has been open for 18 months and has become a favoured destination for guests seeking bespoke quality cocktails, excellent service and live music. They’re both in very solid positions so it’s given me time to explore some heritage sites for a new bar.”

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