This new tech helps consolidate multiple suppliers

Australian start-up Kaddy has developed a platform that consolidates multiple suppliers into one system.

The technology enables on- and off-premise venues to easily access and place orders with an array of different suppliers, as well as handle account administration, all from the one place. For bars, this means that focusing on trending niche and craft products could be easier than ever.

Some of the industry’s leading operators and groups are already coming on board, including ALIA’s Bar Group Operator of the Year, Applejack Hospitality Group as well as Mary’s Group.

Kaddy was founded by high school friends Rich Coombes and Mike Abbott (pictured above), who have career histories in corporate finance, as well as craft beverages and technology. 

Coombes previously co-founded several beverage companies including Batlow Cider and Capital Brewing, and said the recent explosion of craft beverage producers created the need for a more streamlined approach to ordering and payments, especially when venues are trying to keep up with the best, freshest and most on-demand products across multiple channels.

“Ordering from so many different suppliers is a messy and inefficient process that usually​involves text messages, emails and phone calls, not to mention the time-consuming process of setting up a credit application for every individual supplier, each of which may have​different trading terms and requirements,” Coombes said.

“Rather than have 10, 20 or 100 different beer suppliers, for example, a venue can access their suppliers’ products with a single Kaddy account.”

Co-founder Abbott complements the team with significant experience in the tech scene, having previously co-founded Uber in Australia in 2012, leading its operations for the Australian and New Zealand region.

“From working closely with the Uber Eats team, I got a very clear sense of how difficult ordering and administration can be for hospitality businesses, and technology’s huge potential to make their processes so much more efficient,” Abbott said.

Developed in-house by a team of three software engineers, Kaddy’s creation was driven by industry feedback about how a best practice ordering solution should operate.

Abbott described the technological benefits of this for venues and said: “Building a custom solution in-house has given us the flexibility to build the features that are most important to our users. It’s mobile web, which means it’s accessible both on a desktop and mobile phone, and very simple to use.”

There are already over 30 suppliers also on board already, including Bentspoke Brewing Company, The Grifter Brewing Company, Two Birds Brewing Company and Endeavour Brewing Company. Kaddy is said to make it easier on this side of the equation too, thanks to admin tools and payment systems that create an efficient back office and accounts department.

Coombes said: “A supplier never has to send an invoice or chase a dollar of payment, they can focus on what they do best and love doing – making great products and building an amazing brand.”

Kaddy is already up and running across NSW and ACT, expecting to be able to facilitate orders nationwide by the first quarter of 2020. Find out how you can get involved by visiting

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