Celebrate local this Aussie Gin Week

Australian Gin Week is the perfect time to try a premium, locally made spirit

Celebrate the best of Australian Spirits this Aussie Gin Week

Australian Gin Week is the perfect time to try a premium, locally made spirit, and Archie Rose’s reimagined Signature Dry Gin is just the ticket.

The improved and refined Signature Dry Gin is complex and layered, with a resounding clarity of flavour – thanks to the cold distillation of botanical distillates now possible via the custom-designed copper pot/column hybrid vacuum stills at Archie Rose’s new Botany Distillery.

Bolstered by the use of native Australian botanicals such as sunrise lime, Geraldton waxflower and Dorrigo pepperleaf, this drop also showcases the quality of local producers and the myriad incredible ingredients available to create spirits that truly reflect Australia.

What can you expect? A contemporary Australian take on a classic dry gin that delivers stone fruit, fresh garden herbs, pine, and subtle eucalyptus. The perfect match for drinks featuring other fruity flavours, Signature Dry Gin’s pronounced botanical palette cuts through the likes of raspberry and lemon to elevate cocktail favourites and give a greater voice to Australian flavours.

“The distillation from our new stills at Botany provide a remarkable clarity of flavour for our new Signature Dry Gin,” says Archie Rose Head of Hospitality, Harriet Leigh. “With juniper front and centre and a supporting cast of Australian natives, these botanicals lend themselves to big flavour gin cocktails, in Gin Sours like a Clover Club, fresh, zesty classics such as the Southside Fizz, or Elderflower Collins, or fruit-forward classics like a Pendennis.” 

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