Celebrate Caipirinha Week

Carnaval happens once a year in Brazil. It’s the biggest event of its kind in the world – the whole country stops to party for a week.

Did you know that Captain Cook stopped in Rio de Janeiro to stock up on food and cachaça on the way to Australia? We hope he got there in time for carnival. If not a least he raised a glass of cachaça when he landed in Australia.

Cerbaco is hosting a Germana Cachaca Caipirinha cocktail competition to celebrate the Brazilian Carnaval week (24 February to 1 March 2017).

To enter: Simply post a picture or a video of your Caipirinha cocktail creation on the Facebook page.

Winners will receive the entire range of cachaca, which consists of:

  • Germana Cachaca Soul (a white unaged cachaça, its name representing its crystal purity)
  • Germana Cachaca Heritage 10yrs (Aged for eight years in French oak barrels and then for two more years in Balsam barrels to break the woody flavour and aroma, and lighten the darker colour resulting from of the oak barrel aging)
  • Germana Cachaca Caetano’s (Aged in Umburana wood cask)
  • Germana Cachaca Traditional 2yrs (Aged in French oak barrels and is ideal for those who enjoy a lighter tasting cachaça).

Cerbaco is also offering a 6 + 1 deal on Germana cachaça for that week. Please contact you sales representative or the office on (03) 9646 8022

Saúde! (Cheers in Portuguese!)



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