New association forms to revive Sydney’s nightlife

A new industry body featuring organisations from the arts, music and hospitality sectors has launched today, with the aim of revitalising Sydney’s night-time economy.

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has brought together the different sectors ahead of the NSW State election with the aim of advocating for improved government support for the night-time economy.

Chaired by Michael Rodrigues, the Managing Director of Time Out Australia, the NTIA has been formed to promote Sydney as a vibrant and creative city and to build a new positive narrative for Sydney’s nightlife.

“The reality that 176 venues across Sydney have closed in recent years has galvanised everyone to work together to get Sydney’s night-time economy moving again,” Rodrigues said.

“The closure of the Basement was a real blow to the music sector. Those of us who care about getting people off their couch and out to events, live shows and community activities are worried that if we don’t stand together, even more venues of cultural significance will close.

“Sydney’s reputation as a global city and premier tourist destination has taken a big hit over the last few years because of lock-out laws.

“There have been countless job losses across the creative arts, live music and hospitality sectors as a result.

He added: “NSW needs better balanced regulation to support the arts, culture, entertainment, hospitality, live music and retail sectors. Addressing lockout is a goal, but government also needs to cut through the noise and fix over-regulation of NSW venues. They are groaning under red tape. Seven different government departments handle noise complaints, for example.”

The formation of the NTIA has been welcomed by the Committee for Sydney, the independent think tank which aims to economic, social and cultural aspects of Sydney.

The Committee’s Director of Advocacy, James Hulme, told TheShout: “The establishment of a Night-time Industry Association was one recommendation in the Committee for Sydney’s report, Sydney as a 24-Hour City, and we are pleased to see sectors from across the night-time economy collaborating on this initiative.

“Great cities offer a diverse range of night-time activities to a broad group of different audiences. Cities are also reliant on night-time workers, who at the moment often can’t access the scale of amenities that day-time workers can in Sydney.

“The Committee looks forward to working with the NTIA to promote and encourage a vibrant and diverse 24-hour economy that positions Sydney as one of the great Global night-time destinations.”

The NTIA Board currently has Rodrigues as its Chair, along with Board members, Kerri Glasscock (Sydney Fringe Festival), Justine Baker (Solotel), Rennie Addabbo (Sonos) and Greg Khoury (Century Venues).

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the NTIA can head to the Night Time Industry Association website.

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