Call out to help save Sydney’s nightlife

Uniteforthenight has launched the second phase of its public awareness campaign as the New South Wales state election draws closer, with just nine days left before the vote.

The crowdfunding campaign includes a range of awards as it aims to raise at least $9000, which will be used for last-minute lobbying as well as targeted digital marketing and impact merchandising.

“We’re not just gathering donations here. We’re gathering people,” says Michael Rodrigues, Chair of the Night Time Industries Association. “We didn’t get this far by doing things the usual way. We’ve already had huge wins with the major parties announcing policy and funding commitments for the night-time economy, all of which you can see on a scorecard on our website.

“Political pundits believe voter sentiment is deadlocked at 50/50, and so we have one last opportunity to put the squeeze on those seeking election or re-election and secure the best possible policies for revitalising Sydney’s nightlife.

“We need real political will if Sydney is to once again to thrive and provide the type of economic, cultural and tourism opportunities that will put our city back on the map as a desirable place to live and be proud of.”

The Uniteforthenight campaign was created by the NTIA to really raise awareness of the issues around Sydney’s night time economy ahead of the state election on March 23.

The NTIA has also contacted compiled a scorecard which details the policy positions of the major political parties based on their pledge to Sydney’s night-time economy. Until this week the coalition had not detailed its position on a number of the key night time economy issue, but this week Minister for Racing Paul Toole, wrote to Rodrigues to detail the coalition position.

Toole’s letter can be seen on the Uniteforthenight website along with the political scorecard on the night time policies.

“We welcome the response from Minister Toole but as the election scorecard shows there is significantly more to be done if we are to revitalise Sydney’s nightlife. If you want more evidence Time Out’s annual global city survey has just been published. This is how we have stacked up against Melbourne the last three years:

  • 2017: of 18 cities surveyed, Melbourne ranked 2nd and Sydney ranked 16.
  • 2018: of 32 cities surveyed, Melbourne ranked 4th and Sydney ranked 28
  • 2019: of 48 cities surveyed, Melbourne ranked 2nd and Sydney ranked 39. And when it came to nightlife specifically, Sydney was rated worst in the world for nightlife.

“If night time economy was a priority for the Berejiklian government there would be a ministerial accountability and a thorough, cohesive plan that could be implemented across departments. We’re foregoing $16bn annually according to Deloitte. Please put someone in charge,” Rodrigues said.

Full details on the crowdfunding campaign are available here, with rewards including campaign t-shirts, Archie Rose distillery tour and tasting, Sonos Home Theatre package and a money-can’t-buy Quay dining experience.

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