Mary’s team unveils Mary’s CQ, opening Wednesday

Mary’s Circular Quay will open its doors tomorrow (1 May), with a brand-new vegan menu set to debut alongside the trademark Mary’s combo of burgers, beers, fried chicken, cracking tunes and raucous service.

Mary’s CQ will have a capacity of approximately 100 pax – with 30 seats outside as ‘Mary’s Alfresco’ – and is located upstairs of Mary’s Underground at the former site of the iconic live music venue The Basement.

“Mary’s Circular Quay is the first bite of our reimagining of the old Basement,” says Mary’s co-founder Jake Smyth, pictured above.

“Mary’s CQ is a celebration of all things Mary’s – it’s loud, fun, fast paced, generous and designed to create joy and hangovers via delicious food and killer drinks. Organic vino, shitty beers, get-you-fat-as-fuck food all rolled together and just down the road from the Coathanger!!”

One of the most exciting things to launch at Mary’s CQ is the vegan menu, which will mirror all of the Mary’s classics. For example, the vegan fried chicken will be fried cauliflower, and the Mary’s burger will feature a specially created vegan patty, cheese and vegan Mary’s sauce – all prepared and cooked in a separate area of the kitchen to ensure these meat-free options remain strictly veg-only.

“Using ‘veg only’ cool room and cooking equipment, it will allow our animal friendly friends to choose ethics without sacrificing flavour,” explains Smyth.

“This ain’t Mary’s Health Food & Salad Bar – it’s fucking delicious plant based food, designed to make your carnivorous mates jealous. And for our meat eating pals – it’s business as fucking usual.”

Mary’s Underground, which will have more of a live music focus in addition to a full-service restaurant, is set to open at the end of May.

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