Mary’s and Fancy Free team up for Melbourne pop-up

The Newtown institution Mary’s will team up with soon-to-open bar Fancy Free for a two-month pop-up, bringing their brand of fatty, salty delights from Sydney to Melbourne.

With Fancy Free set to open this month as well – the brainchild of Matt Stirling, Rob Libecans, Ryan Noreiks and Chris Hysted-Adams, four of Black Pearl’s most famous alumni – the new CBD bar will certainly be kicking off with a bang.

“Mary’s loves Melbourne and being welcomed in by some of the city’s most elite hospo talent was an offer too good pass on,” says Mary’s co-founder Kenny Graham. “That and it’s gonna be so much fucking fun!”

The menu will feature all of Mary’s big hits, including the Mary’s Burger, Cheeseburger, Mushroom Burger, Fried Chook and Mash N Gravy. The drinks list will be ever-changing, but will focus on local beers, wines and “fancy drinks” both alcoholic and non-alcoholic from the team at Fancy Free.

“Burgers, fried chicken, fancy cocktails from some fancy fuckers and natural vino from some of our faves will be flowing freely into the streets of the 3000!!” says fellow Mary’s co-founder Jake Smyth. “Two months of getting Fat and Fancy Free ahead is coming!”

Adds Fancy Free co-founder, Matt Stirling: “How we eat and drink is forever evolving [and] the more we are able to collaborate with others in this industry the better the offering we can make.

“We fucking love Mary’s and to be able to share a space with them is something we are very much looking forward to.”

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