‘Free and quick’ route to lose old licensing rules

Liquor & Gaming NSW launches a three-month free and streamlined assessment review for licensees.

The new service will allow licensees to seek removal or variation of outdated conditions for live music and entertainment, including DJ entertainment.

The new process will waive the usual $110 application fee and use streamlined processes for faster outcomes.

The industry will welcome the measure, which Liquor & Gaming NSW says aims to support the live music and entertainment industries, and enable venues to update their business models to reflect changing community tastes and engage a wide variety of musicians and live performers.

Liquor & Gaming NSW confirmed to BARS&Clubs the three-month review will run from 1 December 2018 to 28 February 2019.

The review is available for specific types of conditions including:

  • Genre restrictions: Any condition restricting the style or type of live music that can be provided on the licensed premises.
  • Format restrictions: Any condition restricting the types of performers or specific instruments or performance equipment, or number of musicians allowed to perform.
  • Outright bans: Any condition that fully bans live entertainment (including live music and/or DJ entertainment) on the licensed premises at all times.

The public, police, councils and nearby premises will still have the opportunity to comment on any proposals to remove or vary conditions through the Application Noticeboard.

Read more about the free service and the conditions that venues can apply to have removed on the Liquor & Gaming NSW website.

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