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The Godfather of Australian whisky, Bill Lark, is taking part in a Facebook live event on Australia’s booming craft whisky industry and you can register to ask him a question.

Lark will give an insight into his personal journey through the craft whisky industry, from what inspired him to start distilling, how he kept going during the tough times and being inducted into the Whisky Hall of Fame.

Lark will be joined by Ryan Gavin, National Bar Manager at Rockpool Dining Group and Gavin Gillin, Whisky Enlightenment Instagram Influencer.

The Facebook Live event will see the panel taking questions from the trade and industry and you can register your question here.

There is also a competition running during the live event and for those who join the ‘Nant Community’ with full details on the event’s registration page.

Click here to register now.

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