‘Enter The Dragon’ for a trip to China

Moutai is calling on Australia’s most creative bartenders to enter its annual cocktail competition ‘Enter The Dragon’, for the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to China.

The initial process asks bartenders to submit their cocktail recipe – which must include 30ml of Moutai and an Australian native ingredient – by this Friday (13 October).

“This is a really exciting cocktail competition because it encourages our entrants to be as madly creative and inventive as they possibly can be,” said Jenny Chiu, Moutai Brand Manager.

“We are looking forward to seeing how the bartenders marry the rich and varied flavours of native Australian ingredients with Moutai, the world’s most historic spirit.”

Moutai is the leading brand of the world’s most consumed spirit, Baijiu, a traditional Chinese alcoholic drink.

Just like whisky, rum or gin, baijiu is in its own category of spirits and is a luxury item in Chinese culture, regarded so highly that it is now recognised as the country’s national spirit.

The ‘Enter The Dragon’ Cocktail Combat competition was created as an inspiring and unique way to engage Australian bartenders with the spirit.

The official judging will take place over five action-packed days and nights, where competitors must present their Moutai masterpiece to an esteemed panel of judges.

The ten finalists will then be announced at an exclusive reveal party on 23 October at Handpicked Cellar Door in Sydney; the final, nail-biting combat will then be held on 13 November in Melbourne.

In the competition’s first year, Bobby Carey of Big Poppa’s emerged as the reigning Moutai master and visited the Moutai distillery in China.

Following in Carey’s footsteps, this year’s winner will be flown to historic China to experience and learn the ancient and modern techniques of Moutai production, followed by two nights exploring Hong Kong.

Click here to Enter The Dragon.

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