Bacardi Legacy Top 30 selected

With entries officially closed for the 2017/2018 Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition in Australia, the first round of the selection process has revealed the Top 30 successful bartenders.

After another record year of entries, Bacardi Brand Ambassadors Loy Catada, Andy Wren and Peter Hollands have chosen the 30 best Bacardi cocktails that they believe have the potential to become a Legacy.

Bacardi Brand Ambassador Loy Catada was impressed with not only the quantity but the quality of entries, commenting: “The selection of the Top 30 ultimately came down to well thought-out recipes and an obvious passion behind the drinks; we could certainly have the next Global Legacy cocktail come out of Australia.”

The Top 30 must now submit a video entry of themselves presenting their original Legacy cocktail at their hometown bar, which will be viewed and judged alongside a taste test conducted by the Bacardi Brand Ambassadors. From here, the Top 30 cocktails will be cut down to the country’s Top 8.

The Top 30 bartenders advancing to the next stage of the competition are:

  • Andres Walters
  • Angus Payne
  • Cheng I Chang
  • Damien Kos
  • David Rofe
  • Elise Godwin
  • Ella Rhodes
  • Jack Stacey
  • James Connolly
  • James Irvine
  • Josh O’Brien
  • Josh Trovato
  • Kelhan Waterfield
  • Kennedy CK Chung
  • Lachlan Gunner
  • Leroy Martin-McEwen
  • Liam Watt
  • Matthew Blackburn
  • Matthew Colliard
  • Mitchel Contessi
  • Nicholas Corletto
  • Oliver Churcher
  • Rusty Russell
  • Ryan Snedden
  • Samuel Tripet
  • Simone Sanna
  • Vini Wang
  • Will Krepop
  • Zachary Morgan
  • Zachary Underwood-Mynott
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