Bombay Sapphire wins Sustainable Spirit Award by Tales of the Cocktail

Bombay Sapphire has won the Sustainable Spirit Award by Tales of the Cocktail for 2017, following last year’s successful debut of the awards.

The Sustainable Spirit Awards champions brands who have not only made notable efforts to implement green practices, but have also provided others with the resources to follow their lead and spread the message of sustainability across the industry.

Other winners include The Good Lion in Santa Barbara, Lucas Groglio of LO HACEMOS BIEN, Tequila Ocho, and Real Minero.

Bombay Sapphire received the award thanks to their distillery initiative, which has set a valuable precedent within the industry.

Their Laverstoke Mill distillery (pictured above), where Bombay Sapphire, Bombay Dry and Star of Bombay gins are made, engages in a number of green practices, such as cutting down on its carbon emissions by 38%, recycling multiple forms of biomass and harvesting rainwater.

The distillery is also located in a ‘Conservation Area and Site of Special Scientific Interest’, with Bombay Sapphire taking explicit measures to preserve and enhance the faunal population of the area – located in the south of the UK.

“Sustainability is more of a philosophy than a defined set of practices,” said Ann Tuennermann, Founder of Tales of the Cocktail. “Despite the different ways in which they bring sustainability to their businesses, all of these recipients have shown a dedication to reducing their impact on the planet.”

“But we’re not just celebrating sustainability. It’s been a core principle of Tales of the Cocktail since the beginning. Whether it’s recycling, composting or reducing our reliance on paper materials, we also want to serve as an example for the industry.”

Bombay Sapphire and the other winners will accept the award at the 2017 Toast to Tales, which takes place on Wednesday 20 July on the steps of the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans.

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