The Glenlivet launches new ‘mystery’ single malt

The Glenlivet will soon launch a new, limited-edition ‘mystery’ single malt Scotch – the second in the distillery’s portfolio to be released without cask information or tasting notes.

‘The Code’ (48% ABV) has been crafted by The Glenlivet Master Distiller Alan Winchester, using “new techniques” and specially selected casks.

The whisky – which, according to The Glenlivet “stays true to the brand’s smooth and fruit tasting notes while presenting an entirely new flavour experience” – comes packaged in a sleek, opaque black bottle to hide its secrets.

“We have been given a truly unique opportunity to create a new whisky that pushes the boundaries of what people think they know about Glenlivet,” says Winchester.

“The Glenlivet Code is a mystery, concealed in a labyrinth of secret flavours within its jet-black bottle. We’re excited to invite whisky fans to challenge their senses as they try to unlock The Code’s tasting notes and discover a moment of definitive pleasure.”

To support the launch, drinkers are being challenged to embark on a “digital flavour journey” by scanning a code on the back of the bottle using the Shazam app – where they will then be tasked with selecting four aromas, flavours and intensities before being scored and ranked on a global leader board.

Only 10,000 bottles have been released worldwide, with 2000 bottles available in Australia from mid-July. The official tasting notes will be released internationally at the end of the year.

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