Re at The Norfolk to open next week

Re, the world’s first xero-waste bar has confirm that the doors at its new home in The Norflok Hotel, Redfern, will officially open on Tuesday, 14 May.

Founder, Matt Whiley, said that Re’s character and ethos will remain the same at the new space with re-use, recycling and innovation at the heart of the new venue, its food and its cocktails.

“We’ve given Re a new home, but our signature style of experimentation and sustainable practice is still paramount for us,” Whiley said.

“We’ve already been able to redirect perfectly fresh waste and create cocktails and new dishes as part of our re-opening. The team has had a lot of fun doing a lot of the work in the lab just next door. We look forward to welcoming our new neighbours in Redfern in.”

Part of those sustainable practices will see Whiley and the bartending team create ever-changing drink options, based on what’s available from Public’s venue network of over 16 pubs and bars.

The lab next door to The Norfolk has already seen the team create the ‘Not Your Nanna’s Lassi’ cocktail, which is made using fresh ingredients Derrel’s which have been mixed with white rum, spiced rice milk, coriander cordial and coconut yoghurt.

There is also the ‘Dirty Bore’ cocktail from Busby’s, which is made from gin, salted focaccia butter vodka, Chardonnay mignonette vermouth and tomato water.

Other drinks include the ‘Re-Martini’ featuring pine gin and fig and Grenache vermouth, plus the ‘Re-Espresso Martini’ with vodka, acorn coffee, vanilla, blackened honey and Re x Mr Black.

The food also maintains the Re ethos, as every ingredient can be eaten in whole and will be used in whole.

The interiors have been developed entirely from recycled furniture and the art is curated by Whiley from his own collection, plus entirely reimagined crockery and glassware.

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