Raising the profile of Australian Vermouth

Regal Rogue, the vermouth brand made using native Australian botanicals and organic wine from Orange, NSW, has been gaining significant traction as it seeks to raise the profile of the vermouth category.

The past 12 months have been a great success for Regal Rogue, which is being poured in more bars than ever before.

A highlight for the brand has been the success of its Lively White vermouth on the awards circuit, having placed first at the Australian Distilled Spirits awards two years running.

Regal Rogue also launched a limited edition amaro in collaboration with Starward in 2022, and Brand Development Manager, Lucille Rose, said it’s been exciting to release a new product to market.

Looking to the year ahead, Regal Rogue will continue to build awareness for both the brand, and the overall vermouth category, both in hospitality and retail.

“Finding new ways to support the ever-changing hospitality industry is definitely a big focus for us, as well as finding new ways to introduce the average consumer in retail to the category and versatility of vermouth, or as we refer to Regal Rogue Australian Wine Aperitif,” says Lucille.

“I think a challenge we’ll be faced with is competing against new Australian vermouth brands that have recently hit the market. However, in saying that, the more Australian-made vermouths out there, the more awareness of the category builds, which is ultimately a good thing.”

In 2023, Regal Rogue has a lot of consumer engagement platforms to look forward to, including ramping up its participation in festivals and consumer tastings, and collaborating with other amazing Australian liquor brands, to name a couple.

Vermouth has become an increasingly popular category in the last 12 months in Australia, and its popularity will continue to grow on the back of consumers chasing better for you and lower ABV alternatives, both in bars and at home.

Lucille said: “I think all the time spent at home over the last couple of years has shown the average consumer how easy it is to make and experiment with cocktails at home, and so more people are looking to buy products that are versatile in cocktails. Vermouth really plays to these sentiments.”

Supporting local

Regal Rogue has seen a growing amount of Australians supporting local producers in the drinks space as of late.

“As an Australian brand, using Australian native botanicals, organic wine grown and produced in Orange, NSW, we’ve found that a lot of people have naturally gravitated towards our product in the last 12 months. I think a positive to come out of the pandemic has been everyone’s collective desire to support and hero Australian products and businesses,” Lucille said.

“People are also more willing to experiment and buy new products, which has also helped. To be honest, I can’t see this changing anytime soon. I think we’ll continue to see a lot more Australian brands make waves in the market in the year ahead.”

Lucille was speaking to National Liquor News for its 2023 Leaders Forum issue, click here to read the full magazine and click here to subscribe to the fortnightly NLN newsletter.

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