Kentucky Owl Confiscated pays tribute to whiskey craftmanship

Kentucky Owl Confiscated

Last month, American distillery Kentucky Owl introduced Kentucky Owl Confiscated to the Australian market. Kentucky Owl Confiscated pays homage to the barrels that were seized by the Government before the dawning of the Prohibition and lost forever, resulting in a whiskey that stands as a testament to the art of bourbon craftmanship.

Behind the taste profile stands the renowned Hall of Fame Master Blender John Rhea, who has received countless accolades in his 40-year career.

The legacy of Kentucky Owl goes as far back as 1879, when C.M. Dedman founded the distillery on the banks of the Kentucky River. Kentucky Owl produced The Wise Man’s Bourbon for decades, until Prohibition intervened, and those barrels were never seen or tasted again.

The brand was revived in 2014, continuing the tradition of excellence and innovation in the world of bourbon and now here in Australia.

“Kentucky Owl Confiscated stands as a testament to the dedication and artistry that goes into every drop of bourbon, crafted from four different distillates, aged 12, 10, nine and five years, this full-flavoured and fuller-bodied bourbon promises an exceptional experience for whiskey enthusiasts seeking the finest,” says Rhea.

The bourbon is described as having notes of oak, caramel, mesquite banana bread and dark chocolate on the nose, with the taste of soft oak, caramel, and vanilla wafer in banana pudding with spicy citrus zest on the finish.

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