International focus – what’s on the cocktail list in Miami

Miami-based Aegean meze and bar Doya has launched its latest cocktail menu, capturing the essence of Aegean history and mythology and reimagining it through an innovative collection of drinks.

The three-time Bib Gourmand winner is known for its authentic Greek and Turkish fare, but the latest iteration of the cocktail menu seeks to intertwine cocktails and food as the marriage of the two grows increasingly popular on-premise.

Crafted by award-winning Beverage Director Anthony Medina and his team, who spent six months studying the history and mythology of Turkey and Greece, the new menu focuses on fresh ingredients and unique flavour combinations.

Anthony, who has more than two decades of experience in New York establishments such as Republic Rooftop, Bathtub Gin Speakeasy Cocktail Bar and Wahi Oyster Bar, says: “Our aim was to present guests with a cocktail menu that capture the essence of the Aegean and invites guests to embark on a gastronomic adventure.

“Each sip is a tribute to this spectacular region’s vibrant culture and diverse flavours, an ode to the sun-soaked shores and the rich tapestry of its culinary heritage,” he added.

Doya is home to one of the USA’s largest gin collections, comprising 226 labels which formed the base of many of the new creations. While the fresh menu of beverages puts a playful twist on classics with the likes of the Veria Spritz, Modena and Tonic, and Doya Gimlet, the Aegean influence is prevalent throughout.

Inspired by the rituals of Turkish coffee making, the Turkish Coffee and Tonic combines coffee notes with citrus elements using Engine Gin, Turkish coffee, tonic water and lemon oils.

Taking further inspiration from Turkey and the city of Siirt which is renowned for its pistachios, the Siirt Delight comprises Bar Hills Gin, Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth, Bas Bas Liquor, Pistachio Orgeat, lime cordial, rose water and cranberries.

Beyond the Turkish influence, the Karfs Martini and Chios Collins, two unusual takes on classic cocktails, are quintessentially Greek. Both drinks are botanical and refreshing, using Axia Mastiha, a spirit distilled rom the resin of mastic trees grown on the Greek island of Chios.

Named after one of Chios’ top beaches, the Karfas Martini incorporates Axia Mastiha with Armonico Gin, Stoli Elit Vodka, Carlo Alberto White Vermouth, lime cordial, green apple and lemon bitters, while the Chios Collins, a riff on the classic Tom Collins, features Bombay Premier Cru, St. Germain, Axia Mastiha, Fernet Branca Menta, cucumber juice, orgeat syrup and lime juice.

The menu reflects Doya’s commitment to creating unique dining experiences, and the new drinks are each designed to accompany the food of Executive Chef Erhan Kostepen, who sees the cocktail list as an extension of his meze-style menu and a true embodiment of the food and lifestyle experiences of Greece and Turkey.

“We are all about showcasing our creativity and inviting our guests to discover the unique flavours and stories of the Aegean,” says Erhan.

“With that in mind, we decided to expand the storytelling approach that we’ve always taken to our mezes and extend it to our beverage program. The result is a thoughtful, inspired collection of cocktails that further enrich the experience.”

For Erhan, the Aegean influence is more than a theme, but a reflection of the region in which he grew up and began his culinary journey. Made up of hot and cold share plates, Erhan’s food menu utilises classic Mediterranean cooking techniques such as signature wood-fire and open flame grilling.

Highlights from the menu include chopped spiced lamb adana kebap, roasted cauliflower served with tahini and paprika sauce, muhammara made with roasted red pepper and walnuts, and manti beef dumplings.

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