Fuji Masterpiece launches in Australia

Japan’s Fuji Gotemba Distillery (Fuji) has launched its ultra-limited, single-blended whisky, 2022 Masterpiece, into Australia.

The 2022 Masterpiece is the first expression of a Single Blended Whisky – a new style of whisky pioneered by Fuji’s Master Blender, Jota Tanaka, who worked in the industry for over 30 years and has been at the helm of Fuji since 2017.

Fuji is the only distillery in Japan, and one of only a few worldwide, to produce both malt and grain whisky, and with different styles of stills in the distillery, Fuji is capable of producing four different types of whiskies: a Scotch style malt whisky and three types of grain whiskies, namely American (Bourbon), Canadian and Scotch style grain whiskies.

In addition the distillery harnesses the unique environment of Mount Fuji, and uses crystal clear snowmelt and rainwater that takes 50 years to reach the distillery.

“The 2022 Masterpiece is a truly exceptional liquid – it is an ode to the natural gifts of Mt. Fuji; a reflection of our place but also our ability to produce multiple styles of whisky at once,” said Jota.

Across my career, I’ve taken inspiration from most of the major whisk(e)y countries around the world from America to Canada and Scotland, and when you taste this release of Masterpiece you will appreciate its atypical profile.”

The Single Blended 2022 Masterpiece contains some whiskies over 30 years old, largely from new American Oak, and the nose is described with “sweet and concentrated notes of crème brûlée, bitter chocolate, black cherry, yellow peaches, strawberry, a hint of incense wood”.

Tasting notes describe, “soft on the palate, moderately rich & mellow, peaches and apricots, a hint of aged sherry, spiciness of rye bread,” and a finish that is “Pleasantly sweet and crisp, followed by a long finish with moderately woody and ripe fruit notes”.

The Masterpiece will be available in very limited quantities later this month, through your Vanguard Luxury Brands representative and for those curious about Single Blended products at a more accessible price point a new Fuji Single Blended Japanese Whisky, will be available from this month exclusively via The Whisky Club.

Anybody who purchases a Fuji single Blended Japanese Whisky will go into the draw to win one of three bottles of the 2022 Masterpiece.

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