Four Pillars and Warner’s collab on new gins

The Four Pillars and Warner’s Distillery distilling teams have joined forces and shared ingredients from opposite sides of the world to bring a fresh look to gin collaborations and create two new gins.

The collaboration saw the exchange of star ingredients from Warner’s Rhubarb Gin and Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz, with each distillery creating a delicious twist on the other’s classic.

Warner’s got to work, taking its Harrington Dry Gin and distilling it with the Shiraz grape juice used in Four Pillars famous Bloody Shiraz to create a Harrington Shiraz Gin at 40 per cent ABV.

Four Pillars took a fruitier route, taking the pure rhubarb juice used for Warner’s award-winning Rhubarb Gin and blending it with apples from the Yarra Valley to create a Green Apple & Rhubarb Gin at 41.8 per cent ABV.

Sharing his experience on the collab, Warner’s co-founder and distilling lead Tom Warner said: “Getting the opportunity to collaborate with Four Pillars has been a blast. They are true artisans and a great bunch of people. Between us, we have made a couple of cracking gins. From one side of the world to the other – cheers.”

The Four Pillars X Warner’s Green Apple & Rhubarb Gin is now available in Australia, with the Warner’s gin becoming available later in the year, tasting notes describe a nose of “fragrant rhubarb, rich apple and warm brown spices” on the palate the gin is “rich and complex with loads of fruit flavours over a warm canvas of juniper and spice” and the finish is “sweet and lingering with a clean rhubarb freshness”.

Signature serves include:

  • Signature Highball – build 45mL Four Pillars Green Apple & Rhubarb Gin in a Highball glass with 100mL soda water; garnish with a slice of green apple and lemon
  • 50/50 Martini – Stir 30mL Four Pillars Green Apple & Rhubarb Gin, 30mL Lillet Blanc, two dashes orange bitters over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass; garnish with an orange twist.
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