Corinne Mossati releases new book, Shrubs & Botanical Sodas

Shrubs & Botanical Sodas: Drinking Vinegars from the Garden, the second title in Corinne Mossati’s Grow It Eat It Drink It series, is now available as a digital download, providing methods and recipes for making shrubs and sodas from home-grown ingredients.

The book features 20 step-by-step recipes for sweet and savoury shrubs, alongside zero waste tips and drink and food suggestions. The third part contains drink recipe templates for botanical sodas, no- and low-alcohol drinks and cocktails. In addition, the book includes full page colour photographs taken on location at Corinne’s Gourmantic Garden.

“The appeal of shrubs is in their versatility in cocktails, botanical sodas and other non-alcoholic beverages, while their by-products can be consumed or composted, rendering the process zero waste,” Corinne said.

The shrub recipes feature creative flavour combinations, such as blood orange and anise myrtle, and can serve as inspiration for unique and flavourful cocktail recipes. The recipes are easily scalable to larger volumes as would be necessary for a hospitality venue, and while the botanical ingredients can be homegrown, they can also be purchased from farmers markets or in bulk.

A runner up for the Grow It Local Awards 2023 Sustainable Gardener award, sustainability is a key focus for Corinne, and plays a significant role in her recent release.

“The book is not just a collection of shrub recipes. It’s a celebration of sustainable sipping, championing an eco-friendly and mindful drinking culture using garden-fresh ingredients while reducing food miles and waste. It’s ideal for non-drinkers and designated drivers,” she said.

Corinne’s first book, Grow Your Own Cocktail Garden, was released in June last year, and includes a guide to growing botanical ingredients for use in cocktails, along with suggested drink pairings and cocktail recipes. With useful appendices on topics such as organic pest and disease control, the gardening tips are scalable from a large garden plot to a small balcony.

Shrubs & Botanical Sodas is available as a digital download in pdf format.

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