Larrikin’s very Australian gin

Larrikin Gin has embraced its Australian credentials with the release of a new gin, featuring 10 native botanicals, a nod to the Australian environment and with the name Sunburnt Country.

As well as the botanicals, which have been sourced from across Australia, the Sunburnt Country gin is bottled at 50.7 per cent, which is Australia’s highest recorded temperature on record.

Speaking about the latest addition to the Larrikin portfolio, Scott Wilson-Browne said: “With this gin there a sense of place, one that you can connect with. Running across hot sand to reach the water’s edge, letting the cold blue ocean waters slip between your toes.

“That soft hum of the dry, inland forest, walking between sparse ancient trees, seeking the shadiest places. Open plains, eroded landscapes, red sands – a beautiful, sunburnt country. This is a truly Aussie spirit that captures the spirit of Australia.”

As well as Kakadu Plum from the Northern Territory and Strawberry Gum from the NSW Northern Tablelands, the botanicals featured in this gin are: Roast Wattleseed, Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Aspen, Native Blood Lime, Desert Lime, Bush Tomato, Davidson’s Plum and Finger Lime.

Talking about the gin, and that ABV, the distillery said: “Despite its strength, this gin delivers a beautiful smooth finish and can be enjoyed straight with some ice on a hot Australian day, or is refreshingly perfect with tonic water.

“It’s also the perfect partner for your favourite gin-based cocktail, adding layers of interesting Australian flavours to any cocktail classic.”
Sunburnt Country gin will be available from March with a $100 RRP.

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