Jameson restructures with Whiskey Makers Series

By Andy Young, editor TheShout

As the popularity of Irish whiskey continues to rise, Jameson has unveiled a new structure to its portfolio, which is now made up of three ranges.

According to the State of the Industry report, produced by the Australian Liquor Stores Association and IRI, non-Scotch whiskey saw 17 per cent value growth by 2015 and now represents 3.2 per cent of the total dark spirits market. Jameson is looking to make the most of that growth with its new portfolio structure, which “showcases the brand’s rich heritage”.

The three new ranges are: the Whiskey Makers Series, Heritage Whiskeys and the Deconstructed Series, all which have the original Jameson Irish Whiskey at their core.

Daniel Lundberg, Global Brand Director for Jameson, said: “The restructure of the Jameson family is the most significant move in our brand’s recent history. This is an exceptionally exciting development that positions Jameson at the forefront of innovation and advance within the Irish Whiskey category. We finally get to unveil our new family globally and witness Irish Whiskey fans discovering new stories, flavours and experiences from Jameson.”

The Whiskey Makers Series comprises three whiskeys which have been designed to celebrate the people behind Jameson. The Distiller’s Safe, The Cooper’s Gaze and The Blender’s Dog are available in Australia from this month and have a $109.99 RRP for a 700ml bottle with 43 per cent ABV.

The Heritage Whiskey range comprises three expressions, with each “telling a different story from Jameson’s past”. Jameson Black Barrel will be available from September at $70.99 RRP for a 700ml bottle at 40 per cent ABV. The Jameson Signature is exclusive to travel retail and the Jameson Crested is not yet available in Australia.

All three expressions in The Deconstucted Series, Jameson Bold, Jameson Lively and Jameson Round are exclusive to travel retail.

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