Hippocampus Vodka launched from WA

The first release from the West Australian-based Hippocampus Metropolitan Distillery is a locally produced vodka. Passionate about small batch or craft spirits made using Australian-sourced ingredients the distillery has used biodynamic farmed wheat from Western Australia’s Wheatbelt.

Fermented in small tanks using an organic yeast and then distilling in custom-made copper pot still, the result is a clean and textured vodka which references the local clean skies, healthy farms and the team behind the production.

Flavours of vanilla and fruit shine through with a super smooth mouth-feel from distilling a select number of times – enough to ensure the soft sweet flavour of the wheat is embraced but not so much that it strips away this wonderful texture.

Hippocampus Vodka is made to be enjoyed neat, as a base in cocktails or as an accompaniment to your favourite mixer.

Distributed by Memorable Drinks.

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