Colour-changing craft gin launches

Ink Gin changes from blue to blush pink when mixed with tonic thanks to a natural pH-sensitive botanical infusion.

Boutique distillery, Husk Distillers, is set to release Ink Gin onto the market, with its new addition to the burgeoning Australian craft spirits scene featuring a startling organic botanical addition to its recipe.

Royal blue in colour, the gin is infused with the butterfly pea flower, traditionally used in cuisine and as a herbal infusion. The 100 per cent natural floral ink is pH sensitive, changing colour to pink when mixed with tonic water, lemon or lime juice.

The botanical is more than just a pretty colour, adding a subtle astringency to the blend that leaves the palate crisp and clean. Another fourteen carefully selected organic botanicals round out the profile, providing depth and a marked citrus character – these include locally grown lemon myrtle, Tasmanian pepper berries and fresh Australian Valencia orange peel.

The result of more than three years of development, trials and tasting, Ink Gin is distilled in small batches of just 110 bottles at a time. According to distiller Paul Messenger, it has been a long three years of experimenting with the infusion and tweaking the recipe, however it’s all been worth it.
“Because of Ink’s unusual features, we’ve kept it under wraps during development,” says Messenger. “We’re excited to share Ink Gin with Australia. It’s an exciting time to be in the Australian craft spirits industry. The push to support local products is very strong, and the response from bartenders has been really encouraging.’

Ink Gin’s curious properties and mixability make it a versatile product.
“Our signature drinks, the layered Ink & Tonic and pale blue Inkwell Martini are attractive, easy to prepare and very drinkable, and our chunky Ink Negroni is a real favourite,” says Messenger.

Located on the Tweed River at Tumbulgum, in the NSW Northern Rivers area, Husk Distillers is a ‘paddock to bottle’ plantation rum distillery. The company’s agricole rum is currently aging in small barrels ahead of its release later this year.

In the meantime, Ink Gin will be released in mid-July, and will feature at the Top Shelf Boutique Drinks Festival in Melbourne on the 8-9 August this year.

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