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Never Never Gin

How much would we all give for some good news right now? It’s the kind of thing that we all need in these dark and challenging times to lift the spirits and keep us going.

Never Never Distilling Co, like so many other businesses right now has been hit hard by the pandemic, with South Australia closing cellar doors, their cashflow was eliminated overnight as it has been for every bar in the country.

So how to lift the spirits? Well, being acknowledged as Best of Class at one of the world’s most prestigious spirits competitions has got to help. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Never Never Triple Juniper Gin Export Strength; Double Gold Medal winner and winner of the Best Regular Gin class – a first for an Australian gin.

But these are testing times and even the silver lining on the corona-cloud had a cloud attached – you still following?

Never Never Brand Director, Sean Baxter explains: “I mean, the timing could have been better. Winning an award for a gin you can only find in duty-free is definitely problematic given the current situation.”

Yes, the gin is only available in duty-free, but as we all know these are times when you need to adapt, and bloody quickly, so Never Never are shipping the world-topping Triple Juniper Gin Export Strength across the country and they are keeping it at its duty-free price point of $95 + shipping. 

“Most Australians aren’t travelling anywhere anytime soon, nor should they” says Baxter. “So, we thought we’d bring the duty-free shopping experience to them, minus the queues and boarding pass scans.

“What’s the fun in buying something duty-free if you have to pay full price. It’s going to make those Quarantini’s extra special, especially in the one litre format.”

The Triple Juniper Gin Export Strength is a celebration of juniper, combining three different distillation processes, each uncovering the bright and earthy characteristics of the humble juniper berry. It is also higher in alcohol volume than the signature release, coming in at 47 per cent.

“Higher alcohol content means a higher concentration of flavour,” says Baxter, “it’s this bold and juniper-forward character that speaks to the heart of what Never Never Distilling Co. is all about.”

As the distillery as a whole moves all its retail business online, the Triple Juniper Export Strength can be purchased for one more week through Never Never Distilling Co.’s website for $95 plus shipping.

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