Recipe: Monica Miles

The Barrie cocktail Monica Miles

The Monica Miles was created by one of Sydney’s newest bar’s The Barrie. It was named by bar owner Christopher Garner and created by bar manager Chris Turvey.

Christopher explained the cocktail’s origin to Bars and Clubs: “When we went about the drink making process, we really wanted to create two things, both a beautiful drink and a connection to a time and place. The namesake of the venue is named after my grandfather, he was a country boy who grew up in Cowra. That kind of rough and tumble, work with your hands kind of fella. Barrie is full of absolutely crazy stories, including the story of Monica Miles.

“When we started the process of cocktail research and taking the theory into an actual presentable drink. It was this drink alone that just seemed to sing from the first draft. We had a concept, we tried the recipe and all of us were just like, wow, this is it. This is the drink.

“It became so apparent we had to name it Monica Miles, named after Barrie’s first high school crush. I think everyone has had that high school crush, that person you see and you just instantly fall head over heels for. That young, naive, immature love. This was that drink for us. We just fell in love.”

Monica Miles


  • 45ml Ketel One Cucumber and Mint vodka
  • 10ml Braulio Amaro liqueur
  • 20ml Strawberry and lemon myrtle shrub
  • 7ml Creme de violette (citric solution)


  1. Combine all ingredients
  2. Stirred down
  3. Served in a Nick and Nora
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