How far will ‘they’ go for a free drink?

The last week has shown us some great ways to deal with #couscousforcomment influencers, chasing a few free drinks in return for a favourable review to their thousands of (honestly) legitmate social media followers. Love you work Bulletin Place team.

But now there is an opportunity to test just how far people would really be willing to go for a free drink. Let’s face it, going to a top 100 bar close in a great location is one thing, but a small bar on top of a glacier in Iceland, now that shows some real commitment.

Now, thanks to the team at Reyka Vodka, if anyone comes at you asking for a free drink, suggest if they’re willing to get out their winter gear then there is a free drink waiting for them on top of the Langjökull Glacier in Iceland.

The glacier is the second largest in Iceland and is also the water source for Reyka Vodka. The brand prides itself on its Icelandic heritage and has said that any intrepid travellers who make it to the bar will be able to enjoy a variety of vodka cocktails.

Reyka’s brand ambassador Fabiano Latham said: “Reyka Vodka is not just made in Iceland, it’s made of Iceland. So where better to host our Reyka Bar than at the very source—Langjokull Glacier.”

It is possible to win a trip to the bar, the world’s first bar on a glacier, but those keen for a free drink can also make their own way there. The brand has even published the coordinates – 64.565653°N-20.024822°W. You just need to look out for the huge orange Reyka flag when you get there and you’ll be sweet.

The bar will be open from 16 to 20 October, so keep the coordinates on hand and the next time you get a social media influencer asking for drinks in return for a favourable review. Send them the coordinates to a place they can get a free drink with the most amazing view.

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