Wish Bone opens in Enmore

A new fried chicken-focused bar and restaurant from the team behind Hartsyard has opened on the former site of The Gretz in Enmore.

Wish Bone is the latest venture from the Hartsyard team of Gregory Llewellyn and Naomi Hart, focusing on quick and quality food, drinks and service – with fried chicken as the headline act.

Llewellyn’s famous smoky chicken – which was recently taken off the menu at Hartsyard after a reboot – will return and be served in pieces or as part of a ‘Birdy Sando’, joining some of the restaurant’s other greatest hits such as poutine, mac and cheese, creamed corn, and biscuits and gravy.

On the drinks side of the equation, Wish Bone will serve pre-batched cocktails (including the ‘2Sexy’ with gin, lemon thyme, watermelon shrub and Pampelle, and the ‘Fairlady’ with bourbon, Crème de Peche, Southern tea and peach bitters) as well as slushies and thickshakes, served virgin or with a slug of bourbon or tequila.

Joining Llewellyn and Hart on the Wish Bone team are good friends (and fans of Hartsyard’s fried chicken) Blair Joscelyne and Marty Mulholland, the creators of Mighty Car Mods (MCM), an Aussie YouTube success story, who have given the venue an MCM-themed makeover.

‘Wish bone’ suspension supports the tables, the colour scheme is based on their favourite duco colour, Nissan 240Z white, and the bar stations are based on tool boxes found in garages. The bathrooms have also been ‘manga bombed’, a nod to a popular segment from their YouTube smash hit.

“We are all stoked to be in business together and bringing Wish Bone to the people of Sydney,” said Llewellyn. “It’s going to be heaps of fun and bloody delicious.”

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