Using virtual reality to design the perfect bar

By Vanessa Cavasinni, editor Australian Hotelier

Cayas Architects will bring a virtual reality demonstration to the Pub Leaders Summit, allowing attendees to experience how it can streamline the venue design process.

Jeremy Ward, a partner at Cayas Architects will make a presentation at the Pub Leaders Summit conference on how virtual design can make a venue more efficient and competitive. On the expo floor, bar owners can experience virtual reality themselves, running through the designs of a bar and commercial kitchen at the Cayas Architects stand.

“Anyone who wants to strap the goggles on can step inside a couple of examples of projects we’ve been working on, where we’ll be highlighting the usability and the highlights of VR for people in the pub industry specifically,” said Ward.

“So for instance, standing behind a bar and getting an idea of where all the services such as beer fonts, taps, bridges et cetera are located, and being able to walk around in that space in the virtual environment and get an idea of how that space is going to be used by staff during a service to see if there are any changes that are required before you get a builder on board. That can be done much more efficiently during the design process as compared to when you’re on site.”

Ward explains that the use of virtual reality technology in pub design allows operators to better envision the set-up of every section of a bar.

“We can put a set of plans in front of a client but most people find that pretty difficult to read – there’s a real disconnect with that 2D floor plan and what things are actually going to look like in real life. That’s where a few inefficiencies lie between design and getting something built.”

To experience the virtual reality demo, make sure to attend the Pub Leaders Summit at Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney on Monday 20 March. Tickets can be purchased here.

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