Pimm’s and oyster pop-up bar lands in Coogee

Merivale and Pimm’s have transformed Coogee Rooftop’s Glasshouse into a London-style oyster bar.

Opening its doors last Friday 9 March, Pimm’s Oyster House is offering classic serves of the gin-based aperitif, bespoke cocktails and freshly shucked oysters – every weekend until 3 April.

Inspired by the grand oyster bars of London, the pop-up serves shucked-to-order Sydney rock oysters, to be enjoyed au natural or partnered with a Pimm’s mignonette – specially created by Coogee Pavilion’s executive chef Jordan Toft.

The oyster selection is readily washed down by classic Pimm’s serves (available in cup or jug) as well as four bespoke Pimm’s cocktails that have been created especially for the oyster bar: ‘Oyster House Club’ (Pimm’s, Tanqueray, Antica Formula, Absinthe and lemon zest), ‘Pimm’s Pony’ (Pimm’s, lemon, orange bitters, pale ale), ‘Acapulco’ (Pimm’s, passionfruit, orange, vanilla, bitters and tarragon), and ‘West End Sling’ (Pimm’s, Grand Marnier, Tanqueray, pineapple, grenadine and sparkling wine).

The interior design of Pimm’s Oyster House pays tribute to the rich history of the aperitif, with vintage Pimm’s posters and photographs of the English landscape lining the walls.

Antique mirror table tops, marble finishes and a mosaic tiled floor bring to life the historic oyster houses of London in Coogee’s coastal setting, harking back to where it all began for Pimm’s – way back when in the 1840s when James Pimm, an exalted landlord of a well-regarded oyster house in London’s financial district, invented and marketed the drink as a health tonic.

The pop-up is open 12pm-10pm, Friday to Sunday until 3 April.

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