Mr Black launches Coffee Amaro

Mr Black Roasters & Distillers will soon launch the second permanent addition to their range of specialty coffee liqueurs: Mr Black Coffee Amaro.

Crafted with cold brew coffee and fourteen distilled and macerated fresh botanicals – including citrus from the brand’s distillery garden in Erina on New South Wales’ Central Coast – Mr Black Coffee Amaro is a modern take on the traditional Italian bitter liqueur.

To coincide with the launch, 15 top Australian bars are celebrating with a Mr Black Coffee Amaro cocktail menu on Thursday the 24th of November, including Icebergs Bondi, The Dolphin Hotel, Maybe Frank and Eau De Vie in Sydney and The Black Pearl, Boilermaker House, Gin Palace and 1806 in Melbourne.

“What people might not know about Mr Black, is our coffee roastery is also a world-class gin distillery,” says Tom Baker, co-founder of Mr Black.

“Our co-founder Philip Moore is Australia’s highest awarded gin distiller [being the only Australian to have won Gold at the London International Wine & Spirits Competition]. We make coffee by night and distill botanicals during the day. Our Coffee Amaro is the extension of my love and worship of coffee and Philip’s 30-year botanical obsession”.

Mr Black
The new Mr Black Coffee Amaro bottle

Philip Moore notes: “Amaro is essentially a botanical drink, similar to a gin or absinthe, so blending that idea with the specialty coffee craftsmanship of Mr Black was something I really enjoyed developing.”

While less common on Australian menus, amari have long dominated the lists in cocktail bars in Western Europe and are rapidly gaining popularity in the USA.

Though many associate amari with the intensely herbal ‘Fernet’ style, Mr Black’s modern Australian amaro is more akin to the round, dark caramel notes of Averna, Nonino or Nardini.

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