High fashion ‘no fuss’ gin launched

Restaurateur Maurice Terzini and fashion designer Justin O’Shea have joined forces to launch a ‘no fuss’ gin developed by Tony Conigliaro, founder of Drink Factory and proprietor of renowned cocktail bars 69 Colebrooke Row, Bar Termini and Untitled in London.

Goldy Gin (44% ABV) has been crafted for use in G&T’s or classic cocktails, leading with juniper and citrus followed by a uniquely smooth finish.

“I met Maurice [Terzini] a few years back when I had my first Icebergs experience,” says Justin O’Shea. “He was introduced by a mutual friend and I thought ‘check out this dude in head to toe Rick Owens/10 pieces! That’s not an everyday Oz look’.

“But when I saw him the next time, rocking the same vibe I thought that’s cool, he’s got his thing going on. We soon became friends and as expected we had similar interests and the same views on life and business.

“When Goldy began I went to Maurice and told him about it. He was immediately down with the project. However it wasnʼt until we did the tasting that we decided to work on a bigger partnership for Australia.

“Thatʼs what makes this partnership special. It’s based not only on friendship but quality. For me, having Maurice and his team behind Goldy is the perfect fit. They stand for everything that Goldy represents and this matters most.”

Partner venues for Goldy Gin are all based on where O’Shea likes to eat, drink and sleep; in Sydney, this includes Terzini’s Icebergs and The Dolphin.

“It’s part of the Goldy ideology to be connected with venues that offer a unique experience. This then leads into why Maurice’s places are so important to me,” O’Shea says.

International partners include bars and restaurants in Paris (Hemingway Bar, Caviar Kaspia), London (Chiltern Firehouse, Selfridges), Milan, Berlin and Munich.

Image credit: Zackery Michael

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