Harry Potter bar in Melbourne for one night

Let’s not lie, we all wanted to try Madame Rosmerta’s butterbeer, Ogden’s Old Firewhisky, or a gillywater while reading Harry Potter, and now you can. The folks at Good Things are bringing the best of wizarding booze to South Yarra with a Harry Potter bar popping up for one night only.

No butterbeer will be present, however there will be a limited quantity of Polyjuice Potion available for purchase on the night (alcoholic and non-alcoholic for the kiddies/Febfasters). No news on whether or not you can add your hot friend’s hair follicles and run amok as them for an hour though… We’re just hoping it tastes better than how JK described it: something-something-boiled-cabbage-melting-skin. Delicious.

You can also score yourself a pretty sweet Firewhisky glass from for $8 until tomorrow arvo at 3pm. After that they will be $10 on the door.
The event will also have an ‘HP’ themed photobooth. Check it out tomorrow from 7pm…. More details here.

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