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Currumbin-Palm Beach RSL is located in the heart of the Gold Coast, one of Australia’s top tourist destinations. Founded in 1977, the club now has 175 employees and more than 20,000 members. The club’s vision is to always be “the best little club in the world” by offering exceptional customer service alongside superior food and dining experiences.   The club has won six Club Queensland Awards.

When the club migrated to Sage WageEasy in 2011, it had been using its payroll software for 10 years. As the years passed, the software had aged and the provider was no longer investing in further development or updates. As a result, the solution was no longer meeting the club’s payroll needs and was becoming a drain on company’s time and resources.

“Using an outdated payroll system became too timely and costly for our business, processing the weekly payroll became a monumental chore and was not an efficient use of our time,” says Kharma Stewart, Human Resources Manager for Currumbin-Palm Beach RSL.

There were two main issues that led the club to look for a new solution. First, the existing software was unreliable in its interpretation of awards and required a regular amount of manual overriding. There was particular difficulty in complying with the National Employment Standard and the Registered and Licensed Clubs award which increased the time needed to properly process payroll.

The second issue was rostering. The old system did not accurately record hours clocked by employees and only provided part of the necessary information to kickoff payroll procedures. Employees had to be rostered twice, once in Excel and then manually entered into the software which created double the work for the same outcome.

“The process was becoming unreliable which was one of the main drivers for us to change systems. We were spending far too much time trying to overcome the obvious inadequacies of our current payroll solution,” says Stewart.

The processing of each payroll cycle was taking up more and more valuable company time and in 2011 the club began looking for a new solution. The club had some basic requirements: saving time and resources, cost efficiency and a better understanding of awards.

“We were looking for a new reliable payroll solution that would also integrate with our time and attendance system. We needed something that was not too expensive, easy to use and would always load the proper awards,” adds Stewart.

After considering several options, the club chose Sage WageEasy. The club was attracted to Sage WageEasy’s ease of use, simple implementation and the level of support Sage offered.

Sage WageEasy immediately reduced the time required to process the weekly payroll by 50%. The team was no longer required to do twice the work or spend hours manually overriding mistakes in the award interpretations. The club now has complete confidence that the weekly payroll for their 175 employees will be done quickly and without error.

“From the beginning, Sage WageEasy improved the weekly payroll process. It is no longer a time consuming and lengthy procedure. We are now able to correctly pay our employees on time. Sage WageEasy also allows us to better monitor and keep wages in line with budget and trade. This is one of the best decisions we have made for our business,” adds Stewart.

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