NTIA Unite for the Night Campaign hits venues

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has launched a campaign ahead of this month’s state election in New South Wales, which will be available for venues across the state.

The campaign will see a range of coasters and posters available for venues which read:

Lousy Lazy Lock Out laws
Good Night Nanny State
Your Venue Needs You

The reverse side of coasters contain the following call to action:

The NSW state election
is on the 23rd March. Now’s
the time to get your facts right.
Which party has policies to support
Sydney’s night time economy?
Who will cut the red tape and
over-regulation that is strangling
our venues? Who will support live
music and the creative economy?

Chair of the NTIA Michael Rodrigues said: “Solotel Group, Australian Venue Co, the Independent Bars Association will be asked to distribute our campaign material – these are some of the most highly patronised venues in NSW. The campaign assets being made available through the NTIA website so that any other venues that want to can get on board, down load posters and coasters and have them printed themselves.

“Well we now have 100 or more venues, including restaurants, pubs and bars where voters can be educated on their night time options and come Friday 22nd our campaign material will be what they will be considering the night before the vote.”

The merchandise will also direct consumers to the Unite for the Night’s election scorecard web page, which sets out a comparison of the night time policies of the major parties.

The NTIA has also made a range of campaign t-shirts available for purchase via its website, with the following slogans”

Sorry not sorry for partying
Kiss me I’m still clubbing in Sydney
Free hugs for music lovers.

Venues wishing to join in the campaign should register on the NTIA or Uniteforthenight website so their names can be added to the growing list of participating venues.

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