Chifley’s Bar & Grill opens in Canberra

Chifley’s Bar & Grill, a new steakhouse and bar within the historic Hotel Kurrajong Canberra, located in Barton, ACT, opened its doors in December 2014, with Michael Chatto leading the kitchen.

Chifley’s is named after the 16th Prime Minister of Australia, Ben Chifley. According to the hotel’s historical records, Mr Chifley made Hotel Kurrajong his residence of choice, and dined in the original restaurant up to three times a day, during his 11 years in office (1940s and early 1950s).

With a strong focus on premium beef, Chifley’s features a stand-alone steak menu, where customers can choose from 18 different cuts including David Blackmore Wagyu and Cape Grim Black Angus, each listed with its weight, origin and marble scores. The quality of the product on offer will set a new standard in Canberra due to the grade of the beef and the number of different cuts available.

Chifley’s wine list features a selection over 120 local and international premium reds and whites, overseen by Catherine Sharland. Formerly of Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth and Must Wine Bar, Catherine will relocate from the west coast to become Sommelier and Restaurant Manager at Chifley’s.

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