Brace yourself – Whisky Month is coming!

Brace yourself – Whisky Month is coming. Starting tomorrow and continuing throughout August, we’ll be bringing you a heap of whisk(e)y-related content every day, with a dedicated newsletter each Friday (starting 10 August) wrapping up the week’s action.

Whisk(e)y continues to be a hugely important category in Australia, but it’s a complex category too. The more you know about it, the easier it is to sell.

For that reason, we at BARS&clubs thought it was as good a time as ever to shine a more focused light on the glorious liquid.

There will be a new article posted every weekday on our website, exploring the exciting, related worlds of Scotch, bourbon, rye and Irish whiskey – and everything in between.

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Reminder for suppliers

Are you a supplier of whisk(e)y? Want to advertise your brand to venue owners and bar managers during Whisky Month? Well guess what – there’s still time!

To discuss special promotional opportunities, contact Andrea Diaz on 02 8586 6123 or email

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